Testimonials 2021-22

Respected teacher,

My ward Miss DurvaShirke is studying in your class beta 1. Last Friday we got to witness what a good school looks like and how great teachers feel like, your efforts for the children's day celebration were absolutely amazing. It got us teary eyed like literally, seeing how much efforts the teachers are putting in, it made me realize that my choice of school was so right. We are so lucky that we have such compassionate and creative teachers, studying is important, but what you do the process of enjoying 'the studying part' is most important. After enjoying the children's day celebration Durva was definitely happy ,but I was moved, and happy because it assured me that our kids are in the right hands. 

All the best for your future endeavors. Please forgive me if I have said something wrong.

Thank you,

Dr Nivedita Shirke.


Respected Ruta mam,

The children's day party organized by school was really nice.

It was really creative and interesting.

Efforts by teachers are really commendable.

Mam, we can clearly see your efforts and vision in every event.

Bravo to your leadership.

Ishwari enjoyed the whole party and virtual zoo tour was awesome.

Thanks for giving such a wonderful experience and memory to kids.

Thanks and regards,

Sushma Bamane. 


Respected Madam and all teachers,

All children enjoyed today’s programme  a lot .  It is really much appreciable and thank you to Madam and all teachers . 

All teachers have done very nice performance. All songs are so heart warming. Whole idea behind the programme was so beautiful. 

You all have taken so much efforts to make it so enjoyable. Thanks to all of you. 

Trupti Dalvi
Gamma 3 parent.


Dear Gauri Teacher and Principal Madam,

Today school had a really wonderful surprise planned for kids. They are so happy.

Especially, i would like to appreciate all teachers for their excellent performance in skit video. It was creative and hilarious to see teachers mimicking kids exactly the same. We enjoyed along with kids.

For virtual zoo tour, it was quite good and kids loved it. Nice and informative initiative.

@gauri teacher
You were so cute kid in skit... Chaitanya was saying...are! teacher tar same aamchyasarakhichahhe...it was showing a great bond between you and kids, which you have cultivated with lots of efforts and patience. Hats off to you. Wish you best for your all upcoming creative activities.

@principle madam
Ma'am as usual you have done a fantastic job, very creative idea. Kids are looking forward to come in school. And over to it you made us nostalgic by remembering our own school days...
Thank you very much.

All the best wishes to entire school team!!!

Thanks and regards
Mayura S.