Saraswati English Medium School

The Primary section of the SMT’s Saraswati English Medium School, was inaugurated by the little students on 2nd April 2018, in the presence of dignitaries like Shri. Chitale, Mrs. And Mr. Tilak, Trustee members and different section heads under SMT banner.

Right from beginning, the school wants to inculcate the values of reducing and segregating waste, reducing use of Plastic and sowing the seeds of keeping our Thane city clean, in the young minds of our students; says the principal, Mrs. Ruta Joshi.

For a start the school had the English Elocution competition in the month of August to help spread the message of “Stop Pollution”. The topics were “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and “Stop Plastic Pollution”. Many students presented their oratory skills and enlighten the audience with their awareness thoughts.

To add on to the crusade against pollution, in Sep 2018 they celebrated an Environment Day. World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

This day works around a theme focusing attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2018 was beating plastic pollution.

Every year there is a different global host country which focuses on the the environmental challenges it faces, and supports the effort to address them. For year 2018, the host country was India and the theme for 2018 was "Beat Plastic Pollution". Indian government has taken a pledge to eliminate all single use of plastic in India by 2022.

The principal, further added that, at SMT, our students, will be spreading the message of saving our environment, plant more trees and above all stop usage of single use plastic!

The students of SMT through their performance highlighted on the message of Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!
Through a beautiful song, they passed on the message that if we all make some little changes in our life, we won’t see the pollution, which we are seeing it today!
Through a dance performance they said,
Tik Tik Tik Tik Plastic tik nap aa ye re!

After the performances a session on “ Composting of wet garbage at home” was organized.

The parents were given a cloth bag to spread the message of stop the usage of single use plastic bags.

To add on to their crusade against pollution, the school discussed the ill effects of plaster of Paris idols and emphasized on the need to use only clay idols. Hindi Elocution Competition was conducted and the topic was “Eco-friendly Ganesha” or “Paryavaran Mitra ganesha”.

The school is trying to create a batch of small tiny crusaders to fight against Pollution!

Thus, their Annual Day was a colorful sequence of song and dances “Thane Meri Jaan!”

In which the kids threw light on the ancient Shiva temple in Thane city, Kopineshwar; paid tribute to first Railway and the original inhabitants Koli, Agri followed by maximum population; Marathi speaking community and then to Saint John Baptist Church!

Later they spoke about the diminishing lakes of Thane and about the pollution of these lakes!

They concluded the program by requesting the gathered crowd to join in their mission of reducing pollution, segregate waste by presenting Thane Meri jaan!

The section concluded their yearlong performances by celebrating the Marathi Diwas!
Different sections under the Saraswati Mandir Trust banner like Secondary Marathi, Pre-Primary Marathi as well as English, witnessed the short program put up by the Primary section.