Testimonials 2020-21

Respected LalithaTeacher,

It has been a year connected with you as a GAMMA1 teacher. 
And I wish to appreciate your Teaching skills, Discipline, love and involvement towards students.
Janhavi is emotionally attached to you.
We all will remember you always.
Wish you success, health in life.
Keep connected.
Thank you for being part of JANHAVIS life.

Sending you the Greeting made by JANHAVI specially for you.

Thanking You,
Savita Kulkarni


Dear Lalitha Teacher, Respected Principal - Ruta Joshi and SMT Eng. Medium Management Team,

I would like to take this opportunity to say " Thank You", for adopting, implementing and very well executing a "New Era - An Online Education Platform", which we all have witnessed along with our kids.

In the beginning, there were mixed opinions from Parents and simultaneously to follow Govt. Guidelines  / education policies...no matter what SMT. has balanced all criteria of primary education, be it number of lectures, be it time of lectures, no's of breaks, extra curricular activities and most importantly concession in school fees along with increase in numbers of installments. All efforts taken by mgmt. are really appreciable.

Patience and Dedication...despite technical glitches, School has overcome all odds and completed the academic year smoothly and timely. It was great "Time Management". We have enjoyed Cultural events, Elocution Competition and Annual Sports etc etc..list is too long BTW.

Looking forward to many more initiatives this year too.

Thank you 

Warm Regards
- Parents of Vedang - 1st Std. Gamma
Siddharth & Harshala Thakare.


 Kirti Marathe

Good morning teacher, Thank you very much on behalf of all parents for conducting online sessions so
smoothly and making all the kids so comfortable for online classes. They really learn a lot and groomed up
under your guidance... 🏻 🏻

Dr. Narendra Kadhe
PTA – Grade 1 Alpha


Dear SMT team,

On behalf of the entire class of Alpha-2, I would like to extend my appreciation to the entire SMT team for putting up such a wonderful show.

Virtual Sports Day seemed a very different idea. Something we had never heard of. But then the way the program went, it was so thrilling, entertaining and exciting. It was no more virtual but felt just like how we would feel during sports day in school. Each of the exercise n yoga aasans were well thought of and executed.Superb coordination between teachers and students. Amazing efforts by all the children.

Teachers surprise dance performance was the cherry on the cake. It was lovely. Kids loved to see their teachers dance. All of us enjoyed the program thoroughly.

Special thanks to Amrita Wilfred teacher for going that extra mile during practice sessions and costume finalizing.

Thank you and congratulations once again to the entire SMT team for an amazing sports day 20-21.

Liny Padmanabhan
PTA Alpha 2


It was an amazing experience as parents to be able to attend the Virtual Sports Day for SMT Primary.
In the current situation, where everything has gone ONLINE, it was a very satisfying experience to see an
end-to-end well organized and coordinated sports day on an online forum by all the teaching staff under
the able guidance of Ruta Mam.

Special Thanks to Amrita Wilfred Teacher for coordinating and planning all kids activities and taking
special efforts for their preparation.

Many Many congratulations on successfully conducting such a wonderful event; wherein performing online
was a new one for kids as is for parents to attend one .

Also, it was a very happy moment to see all the kids perform so well, giving their best efforts beating
all odds of internet connectivity, space constraints etc.

All in all a very well conducted SPORTS Day 2021. Kudos to everyone..

Thanks and best regards
Omkar Ghaisas


Respected teacher,

We truly enjoyed the 'grand parents day' celebration...well planned .. professional theme, it created heart to heart connection mam...
Hats off to our all teachers ,, we appreciate their efforts ..
I am really thankful to school for making our parents so happy..

आयुष्यात हेच तर क्षण महत्वाचे असतात
शाळा संस्कारांचं मूळ असते म्हणून तर म्हणतात
आज खरंच मुलांनी आजी आजोबा बरोबर खूप मजा केली ..

Janhavi dhamnakar
( Anushka and Aneesh dhamanakar)


Respected All Teachers,

The online class was well organised. My son Swaraj Tanksale really enjoyed the online class.My son is always excited about these online session. As parents,this has given us the opportunity to experience and see what our children are learning through these interactive sessions.We are very happy and thankful of challenges during the lockdown.Our special thanks to Principle Ruta joshi madam and class teacher Amrita wilfred madam.

Rohan Tanksale


Dear Teacher,

Thank you for taking so much efforts. We are seeing improvement in Aarush. You are the best teacher ever. He was very happy to learn with you always.

we really appreciate the efforts you took during the pandemic in your online session .

Thank you so much !!
Aarush is going to miss you Teacher!!
Thank you,
Ajay Mhatre

Dear teacher,

I really thanks for your overall efforts, specially at the initial stage of pandemic online session. Your efforts had
really helped us a lot. I really appreciate to you Amrita teacher for doing such good job , you encouraged each
and every student.. Thanx a lot teacher 🏼
Thanks and regards

Maya yadav (Manthan Parents)


Dear Ma'am,

This year has been a difficult year for all. Online school was something none of us was familiar with, but the efforts put in by the school is commendable.

 Few things I wish to mention:

1.The proactive approach from your end was one of the key to success of our online school. Constantly improving the methods and making changes helped our kids have a smooth year.

  1. All the teachers  have put in so much efforts in terms of the notes, ppt, videos, worksheets, projects or any cocurricular activity, they've all given more than 100 percent.
  2. Special thanks to our Class teacher.... Ms Amrita Wilfred
  3. Every topic was explained clearly and multiple times so that each child in the class understood it. This followed by notes and then worksheets further helped the kids clear any doubts regarding the topic.
  4. Whenever there was some free time teacher would take reading for English and Hindi to improve reading skills of our kids.

3.Also vocabulary game during break time got the attention of kids and helped them increase their interest in the language.

4.Insistence to speak in English during breaks, helping them and correcting them, made  kids confident to converse in English and despite few errors kids consciencly started speaking in English even in the absence of class teacher.

  1. As a PTA, I've been in constant interaction with teacher. She's been extremely supportive, clearing all our doubts patiently, helping us, encouraging us, supporting us throughout this year. She's been a strong pillar for us parents and in bridging the gap between the parents and the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank principal ma'am, teachers, staff and amrita teacher on behalf of the entire alpha-2 class for all the efforts that you all have taken throughout this year.

Wishing for a safer, smoother and pleasant year ahead for the school and our kids.


Liny Padmanabhan 

PTA Alpha 2


Dear Padmini Teacher,

Sorry teacher not attended the meeting Due to Gargi's health.

Now ,the reason behind this letter, we want to thanks Gargi's all teachers. Last year there was no off line class . First time in our life one things has happened that is online class.

Starting it was difficult for all, but after few days we all became familiar with this new system. kids also enjoyed this online class.

I want to salute you Padmini  teacher. Because it is really tough to handle kids in online class. Some kids are really difficult, but you really handled it very well.  You give your 100%. I understand it is difficult to handle online class as well as home, but you did it very well. 

During online class , you teach Art and Craft for the first time to the students. We are appreciating your work.

You are such a very kind, helpful teacher, you are very soft hearted person.

Now I want to thanks Rajani teacher. She is very sweet with all kids. Rajani teacher really know how to handle kids.I really thanks her. She taught Hindi superbly.

Now I want to thanks Amruta teacher. She is also teaching Marathi as well as Music very nicely.

I want to thanks once again all the teacher's for given their best and making online class successful.

Thanks and Regards

Rupali Sachin Sakpal. 


Dear Madam,

My son Saatvik is studying in Beta class of Grade 3. I would like to share my honest feedback about the online sessions and the efforts taken by Ms. Padmini teacher and other teachers.

I'm working outside of India and in December I was in India for vacation. That was the time I watched closely how the online sessions are conducted and how all teachers are putting their efforts in order to make online sessions fruitful. However, this was just a confirmation that my wife was telling me how good the online sessions were getting conducted. I was glad to see that all students were enthusiastic and eager to learn though the sessions were online. I liked the 'Show and Tell' activities and new words learned by students.

I would like to mention Padmini teacher and all other teachers who were putting their 100% efforts in order to make these online sessions successful. My special appreciation is for Ms. Padmini teacher who was very patient and courteous throughout entire sessions. I like the way she was teaching the topics and ensuring that it is understood by all students. I would like to definitely see her as a class teacher for Saatvik in Standard 4 with all due respect to other teachers.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see how the sports events were organized. It was much appreciated to engage students in extra curricular activities than study. In Norway, where I'm currently working, even these activities are not yet considered so a big thumbs up for you and your team.

I would like to mention that under your leadership the school is doing a great job. I would like to thank you, your teaching staff and management in making the successful online sessions and other activities. You have set a high bar now and I hope that the level of teaching and activities will continue further in 2021. Thank you very much :)

Best Regards,

Sonali Chavan 

Swapnil Chavan 

 Respected Madam,

Kind Attn: Ms. Ruta Joshi – Principal.

First of all, we as parents of Ms. Swara Sagar Bhopatkar, would like to wish you all “HAPPY WOMENS DAY”


It has been a tough time since last one year for all of us because of the present Pandemic situation of Covid-19. However, we would like to congratulate you and your entire team of the SMT School for carrying out the On-Line teaching to all students in an excellent manner.
Principal Madam, we are glad that my daughter Ms. Swara S Bhopatkar is studying in such a school, where a leader like you and under whose guidance the entire team & children of SMT & including parents are getting an opportunity to learn many new things and shaping the lives of our children.
My daughter is studying is standard 3rd Beta class and we as her parents, have got the opportunity to see “How the teachers of SMT” teach our children.
Ms. Padmini Tiwari who is the class teacher of Class 3rd, Beta Division and is a teacher with lot of extraordinary patience, enthusiasm and also a very caring teacher.
Ms. Rajani Maurya teacher, who teaches Hindi subject to Class 3rd of Beta Division has an excellent command on her language and her way of teaching the kids is awesome.
Ms. Amruta Tambe teacher, whose way of teaching Marathi to entire class is awesome. Children have fun while learning also.
We also would like to give a big thank you to the teachers of Virtual Class for doing an excellent job during online teaching.
Thank you for inspiring our kids to become good people in society. As long as your blessing is with them, nothing can spoil our kids. We believe in you.
I just wanted to send a quick thank you message to appreciate your huge support and effort.
We would like to give you an A+ for being such an awesome team of SMT. Thank you for everything!
Thank you for giving the confidence which will surely help the students in every sphere of life.
We look forward to see our children back to their benches in the school
Yours truly,
Sarika Bhopatkar
Sagar Bhopatkar


Good afternoon mam! Today kids enjoyed their hoddy clicks. It was wonderful opportunity for me to work with you for this year!! You are veery kind, helping, caring, understanding, soft spoken and lovely person! You conduct all sessions and activities with utmost involvement and patience, alongwith personal attention to every child. Kids always enjoy your company as a teacher and they are looking forward to have you again for Grade 3 as well.

Thank you and all the best for your profession!!

Archana Dixit (PTA Gamma 2)
Parent of Nandini Dixit


From: Aarti Shrotri

Thank u very much Principal mam, Snehal teacher & all other teachers for wonderful experience of learning and understanding all the things with our kids. Your efforts for everything i.e sports day,bhondla was excellent.
First of all we thought in online sessions how our kids will learn? but online sessions were really enjoyed by kids a lot like virtual class, value addition talk and all curricular activities etc.

Once again really great experience with you all and we will miss u so much and eagerly waiting for 5th April to come.


Dear Ma'am,
I would like to wish you belated Happy Women's Day on behalf of me and my son Viyaan Patil.
Throughout this academic year it has been very educating and life changing experience for me as
well as for Viyaan. Though this pandemic has brought many hurdles in life and teaching but with
lots of dedication & hardships teachers like you have conquered all such hurdles.
Activities through which children have taught have added many important skills in my son's life and
his way of life has changed a lot. He is nowadays very much keen in learning new things which is
the effort of you all for which I would like to thank a ton. Teachers had paid the same amount of
attention towards every student which in itself was a difficult task as lots of technological barriers came.
For such dedication no words can define your efforts.
Gauri maam I would like to thank you so much for your kind love and support to my son.
You have played the role of a teacher who had played the role of a mother. My son loves you
alot and your kind nature. He will miss you a lot in the coming academic year.
Through this short mail me and my son would like to thank You and all the teachers
and non teaching staff for their kind support and teachings. I am very glad to have such
teachers in my son's life.
Thanks & regards,
Smita Amit Patil


Respected principal mam,

It gives me immense pleasure to write the email to you.

I and my entire family wants to thank the school for taking soo much efforts for kids.
The school has never missed a chance to go extra mile and make the virtual session interactive and
involve the kids from head to toe. Also want to thank Amrita teacher, she has been a support system
for kids during this pandemic time. Every day kids were excited to see her smiling face and learn
some new things from her. Her teaching style is also very extra ordinary which make kids
understand the concepts perfectly.

Again want to thank the entire staff for making this virtual session interesting.

A small request if we can continue the same class for std 3 it will be easy as kids have known each other and would be very happy to see the same faces again.
Neha Chavda
Devansh mom alpha 2


Hello Madam,

We wish to thank the class teacher for Grade 2 Alpha, Amrita Wilfred.
We wish to thank the school for ensuring that our ward's learning does not suffer due
to covid restrictions.

We appreciate the hard work and efforts taking by the class teacher, Amrita Wilfred.
She was patient and just in handling online classes. Our ward has learnt a lot on
account of her efforts and the support of the school. We are grateful to everyone at SMT.

Thanks & Regards,
Dr. Madhuri Patharkar


Mam, I am really feeling sad that tomorrow is last day of 1st std...my officially last day as PTA...
whole year was really amazing n we are so so lucky to have teacher like you...so loving, caring n
disciplined at the same time...everything for children's good...perfect example of how a teacher
should be...will always cherish these memories...n one request , although our official relation will
end tmrw, hope our personal bond will continue....thank you very very much for everything....🙏
Shweta Pitre


Respected Mam,

This is with regards to yesterday's grand parents day event. We, on behalf of all parents,

wanted to thank you all for the efforts you all have taken to make yesterday's event a

grand success! It was a wonderful event, very nicely organized (although the biggest

challenge was conducting/synchronizing everything online! ) and all grand parents

enjoyed it thoroughly ....

Once again thanking you all and appreciate all the efforts behind your thoughts for

making grand parents happy! 


Yours Sincerely,

Team PTA - Grade 1


Respected  Principal madam,

Good afternoon!

Swara has attended the exam for all subjects.

Happy to inform that she has managed the exam independently..

It was the school (Principal n Teachers)  who gave the confidence to all by introducing

online sessions / quiz / exam.

It was a very good experience.

Thanks a lot for introducing quiz based online exam..

Shweta Teacher has tried her best to reach every parent those who have missed the exam.

Thanks a lot.

Special Thanks to you Principal mam for taking great initiative n making aware of the importance

of online exam/sessions to all by taking some bold decisions regarding online sessions n exam.

As a PTA/ Parent I am aware of some issues with online sessions but not with our school.

I am confident that all parents are appreciating the efforts taken by our School and will

support these online sessions strongly.

Once again thank you so much for all





Respected Madam,

We PTA members ( Grade 1 2 & 3)would like to appreciate for today's wonderful event.

Excellent execution..

Amazing performances..

Well appreciated n Encouraged by judges...

Team SMT Rocks..

You all have really set a best example.. 

True comment by our guest... This pandemic couldn't stop us...

Perfect n smart use of Technology...

Great Energy n Enthusiasm..

Judges Comment on Glass used for Drill speaks a lot...

Dance Performance of all classes - Excellent
Surprised Zumba - awesome
Suryanamaskar l Squats l Crunches l Tadasan l 60 degree hold l Vrikshasna l Trikonasan l sit ups everything was covered so nicely...
Hats off to kids, their parents n all Teachers for taking hardwork on Practice...

Once again Thank you so much for all...

We are Proud to be a part of SMT..

Sports Day l You set a Great example of Unity Dedication n Hardwork...

Respected Shweta teacher,
Thank you for all……
We have observed reactions of all students in the morning..They all will miss you….
Thanks for your kind words of appreciation.
Sachin Ambre


Dear Ma'am,

We are thankful to you for arranging this wonderful event for our beloved Grandparents.
Hats off to you and all the teachers for planning and execution of the event.

We are specially thankful to our respected trustees for their support and guidance.
We salute to all the teachers, Grandparents, parents and kids for their efforts and enthusiasm.

A special thanks to all the teachers for creating a bouquet of memories by involving all
Aajobas and Aajis in the games, singing, dancing and saying the Ukhanes.

Its a privilege for us to see that Kids are not only connecting the dots between the
two generations but they are connecting all of us to be a part of SMT family.

Thankful to all the members of SMT family for having a cheerful, memorable Celebration..

Looking forward for participation in such wonderful events..

With lots of Best wishes for future endeavors...
Thanks and regards,
Aparna Kulkarni


Dear Teachers,

Thank you
For encouraging my child to reach high in Their education!

You’ve been sucha blessing.

Tanmay patil (Swastika Patil’s brother)


Respected Lalitha Madam,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the hard work you are taking during the current academic year.

Through daily assignments, worksheets and PPT’s, we have noticed your painstaking efforts.

Anvay is enjoying every class of yours, where he has developed keen liking for all the subjects.

He also likes different Games/Activities conducted by you, to clear the concepts. In “Show and Tell” activity, 

we have marked his enhanced presentation skills.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, SMT is doing an awesome job by conducting online classes, which is definitely

not a simple task.

We are totally aware of issues, concerns and queries you have gone through so far.

Thank you again for all the wonderful work.

With Kind Regards,

Yogini and Kaustubh Sathe

(Parents of Anvay Sathe – Gamma Class)


Hello Teacher,

This may look very formal but let me tell you, this is right from the bottom of heart.

We all know the pandemic situation we are facing for so many months. In Spite of this SMT and all

SMTians managed things so well. Earlier too, sometimes I sent thank you letters for all the efforts.

Even though I missed to say thanks sometimes, it was always there for all of you. Today, on the last

day of this academic year, I just can not miss conveying the feelings to you all.

Special thanks to Snehal teacher. Of course to all of them, Avinash Sir, Neha teacher, Rajani Teacher,

PE sir, and Amruta miss (Thanks for teaching those Taals, Manan started taking more interest in Tabla).

But why I am writing about Snehal teacher is, I have seen the efforts she took across the year,

to keep the  students free but in control, to keep them busy with study but at the same time in playful

way to let them enjoy, to let them learn new things even through various games she played with them.

The way she celebrated birthdays,  the way she used to make them comfortable, so on and on.

Love you teacher.

I know you need to visit ENT soon, it's hard to listen to these 35 / 36 chatter boxes at the same time.

But god knows from where you get that strength. Please share the source of this energy :)

I am sure Gamma would definitely ask Principal Madam to give us this teacher again next year.

But we will not be selfish. And I know all teachers are good. Whoever comes will surely take care

of study as well the mental and social status in the current situation.

Hope to get things better soon and hope that things will be back to normal normal, and not new normal.

Sorry the mail has become a little friendly, but these are the feelings. Hope you all don't mind.

Thanks again to all the teachers who taught and who did not teach. And all those who were behind the curtains.


Monali Maduskar


Hello All,

My daughter studying under 3 rd std – Beta Class and her name is Aadnya Pankaj Patil.

Due to personal emergency, I was not able to join scheduled call on Friday,  kindly accept my apology for the same

I am taking this opportunity to thank all the Teachers, Principle Madam and Management who took tremendous

efforts throughout the year.

“Online Classes” concept was new for me but Teachers and Principle Madam conducted frequent session

and provided proper guidance and made us comfortable.

Our School not only conducted subject lectures but also conducted Craft, Dance, Music and PE session.

School organised Online Sport Day, celebrated Ganesh Festival, Diwali and Fancy dress etc event also.

Thanks for all this extracurricular activities.

Last but not least about Padmini Madam, appreciate and thanks for your efforts, patience, punctuality and kind nature.

We saw your tremendous dedication throughout the year. You not only shared or posted Class Work and

any activities over Classroom but also ensured students completed the same or not.

You answered and explained each and every queries raised by all the students.

Sometime students raised irrelevant queries but still you revert on the same very patiently.

(I know Aadnya also one of them who raised such kind of queries )

As  parents, we are observing good improvement in our kid throughout the year.

I hope, you remembered, my Mother also appreciated your efforts under one of the online Parent – Teacher meet.

Due to Covid 19, everyone facing Financial crisis but school management considered that fact and

gave us Rs 10,000 exemption from current year Fee Structure.

Thanks for considering that points and gave us relief in Pandemic.

I once again thanks all the Teachers, Principle Madam, Management, Office Staff for your kind support.

Happy Women Day to all respected ladies exist under this mail



Pankaj Patil

Thank You for all your support.

Wonderful Online sessions you conducted throughout the year.

Our Children are lucky to have a teacher like you.. Thank You so much once again.

 Amruta Joshi


आजचा Grand Parents day कार्यक्रम खूपचं छान झाला . आनंद वाटला .

Lockdown च्या काळात विरंगुळा मिळाला.

सर्व शिक्षकांनी खूप मेहनत घेऊन कार्यक्रम उंचीवर नेला . जुनी पिढी आणि नवीन पिढीचा सुंदर मिलाफ घडवून आणला.

आम्ही पण ह्या कार्यक्रमआ  साठी उत्सुक होतो. आमच्या काळची गाणी आणून रंगत आणली आमच्या नातवंडांचे विवीध

गुणदर्शनाचे पाहायला मिळाले.

एकदंरीत सर्वांना एकत्रित गुंफून सगळ्यांनाच आनंद मिळाला

आपण सर्वांचे आभार आणि कौतुक

Savita Joshi


As per the rules, YES. But it was all going nice. Kids were enjoying this new schooling with you.

And about the screen time, now it's gonna get utilised for some not so useful things.

You are doing your best.

Thank you.

Pallavi Gondhalekar

Grade 3 Alpha


Dear Ma'am, 

       We are thankful to you for conducting Online sessions for our kids inspite of having too many hurdles. 

      We salute your forsight vision, thought process, detailing of all minute aspects,   consistent efforts, empathy for the parents and the kids and for taking new initiatives with strong determinations. Hats off to the teachers for their love, patience, passions, unconditional devotions ( lnspite of having a number of duties at home they are managing their professional life with ease and smiling faces). We really admire the planning, implementations and content deliveries.

       We are thankful to our PTA Mr.Sachin Ambre for considering the valuable suggestions given by the parents and strengthening the bond of relationships shared by you, teachers, us and the kids.

       We are blessed to have you all in our lifes as live inspirations. The online sessions conducted are not just the academic aids. They have emotional values as kids really enjoy the interactions with their teachers. Kids are eager and happy to meet their teachers and friends online ( We are sure that they will meet in school very soon.).

         We humbly request you kindly to consider the emotional values ( We are sharing the emotions on behalf of kids as school is a home for them). Kids really miss you all. Let us work together under your guidance to find out the alternatives to ease the process of learning and bridging the gaps. We are always with you. We will be happy to assist you in  continuing a beautiful journey.

Thanks and regards, 

Aparna Kulkarni


Hon. Principal Madam,

With utmost respect and gratitude, I hope this email finds you well!

I am Shreyas Jog (Sahas Jog's father - Alpha division). I was absolutely not prepared for this email. The online sessions till today were taken so fantastically,  the teachers were taking so much effort that even children started responding in a positive manner.

We were even taken voting yesterday in Yes or No for online school by our PTM. In Alpha division, 23 parents have voted for Yes out of 27 (which suffices the majority).  I am slightly confused as to why was even the voting taken if there was a government restriction?

In capacity as a parent, requesting you to kindly find out below mentioned possibilities:

  1. For those, who are in favor of online sessionsshall still continue. 
  2. For those,who are not in favor of online sessionscan discontinue and let their children study on Offline videos and worksheets. 
  3. If you want us to sign any document as a standing letter against the Government restrictions, we can do that. 

We don't even know when the Pandemic of Covid19 will get over, at this juncture it is very important for students to see & follow the teachers to groom student - teacher bond. It is that very bond which keeps my child active and follows the homework, worksheets given by teachers.

I understand, I can only request so do not misunderstand and feel compelled to do anything. The school management will be the final authority to take this decision.

Shreyas Jog

Parent of Sahas Jog (Grade 1 Alpha)


Dear Mam,

We respect decision taken by school & will abide by it.

I would really like to appreciate efforts taken by you and all staff members in making online sessions a wonderful learning journey for kids.

I could see my daughter eagerly getting ready in morning to attend the session. She had something to look forward to in her day. Kids are really going to be heartbroken about this.

Thank you.

Radhika Likhite. 


Dear Ms. Kirti teacher,

Idea of the quiz was wonderful. Sahas thoroughly enjoyed it after reading the lesson. 

With warm regards,
Shreyas Jog


Hello Madam,

I fully agree with Mrs. Shraddha Nerurkar. The teachers of SMT Alpha 2 were taking great efforts to conduct the online sessions. In spite of it being an unfamiliar platform, they were successful in generating interest among the kids, who had started enjoying the sessions. It was the best the school could do in given circumstances. I appreciate and thank everybody at SMT for their efforts in conducting online sessions.

It is unfortunate that the sessions had to be called off.  Let's hope that the education system comes up with a solution which is in the long-term interest of the students.


Dr. Manoj Patharkar 



By looking at lectures and presentations, one can understand the efforts taken by teachers and overall school management. It's very unfortunate that we have to stop in between like this. Was hoping that the govt decision will remain upto SSC board, however it got implemented for our school as well.

Anyways, let's hope for the best. 

Thanks to all efforts taken by teaching and non-teaching staff as well.

Wish happy and healthy days to all of you.


Monali Maduskar


Dear Madam,

It's very unfortunate that the school had to stop the online sessions due to the restrictions put forth by the government. Children had definitely started enjoying the online sessions. 

Thanks to all the teachers for their efforts. We know that this platform was new to you as well but hats off to you all for making the sessions interesting for the kids and conducting these sessions effortlessly.

Thanks to the team again.

Hope that these situations end as early as possible.

Stay safe.


Shraddha Jamenis


Dear Neha teacher,

It was a wonderful and a very funny story. Thank you, teacher. Looking forward for such many more sessions.

Devansh soman.

Hello Teachers,

First of all you all take care. I really wish to say thank you for all the efforts you all are taking in this vacation time as well.

We are officially closed for summer still you are taking efforts and devoting your valuable time for these activities.

Really appreciable.

Just 1 suggestion, I guess meeting organizer must be having option of mute/unmute all participants. Just like in zoom.

Since these are small children, they keep pressing unmute button and that create noise.

But inspite of this children are so much exited and come near device much before time. Thanks again.



(Manan' s Mom)


Good morning Kirti teacher,

This is Shreyas Jog (Sahas's father Alpha division). I'm very thankful for the online session conducted this morning!


Hello Kirti Madam,

I am father of Darsh Sali.

Thanks for having today's session and it was good

Hi Principal Madam, Class Teacher, and School Staff,

I hope this email finds you well and healthy.

First of all let me thank all of you for having this wonderful initiative of online classes.

This has not only enabled Swara Kelkar to attend classes from Denmark but also introduced her to this new technology.

Swara along with us is enjoying this experience and she looks forward for the classes every day, even though she has to get up at 5 AM ( Local time ).

Also, please find attached the poster made by Swara. This poster is purely a work by the child and our contribution to this is minimal.

Looking forward to few more out of the box initiative from your side.

Wishing you and yours a healthy week with a little of sunshine and laughter sprinkled in.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Respected Madam,

Thank you so much teacher for wonderful stories and your valuable time you share with us. My child enjoys the stories and relate them to the current situation.....also tries to act as per your instructions in this Corona situation like helping parents etc...... Every morning he is excited about online session so at least on laptop he can see his friends.


Suchitra  (Ved Guram's parent)


Dear Ma'am,

       We are thankful to you for investing your valuable time for teaching our kids. Your sincere efforts are always appreciated. It is a wonderful initiative taken to strengthen the bond of love shared by the teachers, the kids and the parents. 

        The stories are really interesting as kids can easily co- relate the same with the day to day activities. We are happy to see that kids are being educated by using fun way learning methods (e.g. Use of Puppets).Kids are enjoying the sessions and eagerly waiting for the upcoming sessions. 

         We assure you about 100% active participation at Individual levels. Kindly let us know if any support is required.

        With lots of Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Thanks and regards,

Aparna Kulkarni


Hello Madam,

      Its really a good initiative by school. Children will get to learn something new in holidays. I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by you, the ppt are really interesting and informative with clear message on it. These interactive sessions will surely help them in the future.

     I want to thank the Principal Mrs Ruta, teachers and Ex PTA members for coming up with the idea


Vaibhav Nabar


Dear Ma'am,

       We are thankful to you for arranging online sessions for our Kids. The stories are awesome. We are thankful Shweta Ma'am for telling us simple, nice stories with great Morals.

            We are thankful to Avinash Sir for injecting energy boosters in our kids on daily basis. 

          Best wishes for taking such wonderful initiatives. We are eagerly waiting for participation in the online sessions.

Thanks and regards,

Aparna Kulkarni


Dear Ma'am, 

      We are thankful to you for arranging a storytelling session for our kids.  Amey is very excited and eagerly waiting for a wonderful session.

Thanks and regards,

Aparna Kulkarni


Dear teacher,

We thank the school for taking on the challenge & conducting online sessions.

Sarthak has thoroughly enjoyed your live sessions. He is more punctual, Sarthak loves the 2 way dialogue - thumbs up, Q&A - you have in a live session. He is very happy to spot friends in the live session. Hence Sarthak is looking forward to sessions & reminds us to switch off Ramayan & log on to phone! We've not faced connection issues on the 2 sessions conducted, at least no parent had complained on the WA group.

Thanks for reading my email. I'm sure school & teachers will do what's best for students. Thanking again for this new initiative.


Prasad Patil

Father of Sarthak


Dear Ma'am,
We feel happy to hear a new story. We enjoyed the session. We are thankful to you for arranging the session. We are eagerly waiting for participation in such wonderful sessions.

Thanks and regards,
Aparna Kulkarni

Respected Gauri teacher,

Thanks for the story telling class.
Hiranya enjoyed today’s session.
She is willing to do more such online sessions.

Thanks and best regards
Surashree Ganpatye


Dear Madam,

Thanks for this session.
Kavya enjoyed the story and also very happy to see you and all her friends after so long.

Look forward to many more sessions like this during this lock down period.
Appreciate your's and the team's efforts.

Thank you,
Neeta Parab


Respected Ma'am,

This is Smita Patil first of all I would like to thank you and all the teaching staff for this wonderful efforts which have been taken in this Pandemic situation very efficiently utilized the time and inculcated the smooth flow of learning through digital platform which all the way efforts to enhance the knowledge of our children’s through various activities. Today's session was just awesome my Son Viyaan Amit Patil who is in Alpha, Grade 3, had enjoyed and learnt allot through the story telling it adds the valuable talent of public speaking.

From myself and my son I would once again would like to thank You for the great effort.

Once again would thank from You and Principal Ma'am and other teaching as well non teaching staff who would have taken lots of efforts to make this effort successful.


Smita Patil


Dear Gauri Teacher 

Please find attached Ashwins drawing.

You are taking great effort for the kids.

Thank you...

Amruta Joshi


Respected teacher,

I would like to thank and appreciate efforts you are taking for students.

As we all are lockdown, staying at home and keeping kids engaged is a big task.But your sessions making it easier.Ishwari egarly waits for timing of next session.

The way sessions are going on really good and keeping kids involved.

I would like to thank you and principal Ruta mam for this.

Keep it up

Thanks and regards, 

Sushma Bamane


Dear Teacher,

This is Omkar Thakur. (Anushree Thakur’s Father).

We as Anushree’s parents, want to thank you for conducting online sessions for all those days. Anushree could get engaged with her favourite SMT Team & enjoyed the sessions.

Really appreciate the efforts, that You & complete Team SMT has put in to conduct these sessions.

A BIG Thank You !!!

Take care & Stay Safe.


Omkar Thakur


Respected Principal Madam & Neha Madam,

My daughter Saanavi Kolambkar is in 02nd standard (Alpha division).

I would like to recognize and appreciate efforts taken by the school & teachers in arranging online interactive sessions during the lock-down period. This was one of the best initiatives.

These sessions definitely helped all kids in learning new things & specially made them understood how to face the camera & interact with others which helped in boosting their confidence. These kind of practical sessions is the necessity in today’s competitive world.

I would like to recommend, going forward at least one online session should be conducted in three months after regular school begins. (I am aware it requires lot of efforts in arranging these kind of sessions).

I am rest assured that Saanavi’s academic future is in correct hands & we are proud to be associated with Saraswati Mandir Trust’s English medium school.

Once again thanks & keep doing the good work.


Darshan Kolambkar