Admission Process Year 2021-22

Admission Process For Std 1:
The admission process for admission from Std.1 onwards is offline.
  • The parents of SMT Pre-primary are to secure the admission of their ward before the stipulated date by paying the first instalment and physical filling up of the admission form of primary section.
  • Admission to students other than SMT Pre-primary shall be
    given subject to availability of seat.
  • Admission forms shall be issued to only those who are eligible
    for admission and can be availed from school office on payment
    of Rs.200/- only.
Note: Admissions after the stipulated date by the parents of SMT pre-
primary are subject to payment of admission fee alongwith the first
instalment. No admission shall be granted unless the admission fee
payable referred above is paid.

Admission Withdrawal Policy
  1. All withdrawals from school should be made in writing by the parents / guardian who had signed the application at the time of admission.
  2. The application has to be submitted to the School Office a month in advance for further procedure. In special cases such as sudden transfer of parents, the Principal may reduce the period of notice.
  3. Admission fees once paid are non-refundable.
  4. If admission is withdrawn before the term starts, 75% of fees paid shall be refunded. But if the admission is withdrawn after the term starts, then term fees will not be refunded, administrative charges@ 20% shall be deducted and proportionate fees shall be refunded.
  5. Students leaving school in or after September will be charged fees till the end of March. Students leaving before September, will have to pay six months fees.
  6. Students applying for Leaving Certificate in or after 30th November of the academic year will have to pay the fees for the complete academic year.
  7. The LC will be ready in 7 days of the date of application. In case of pending dues, LC will not be issued until all the dues are cleared.
  8. No duplicate LC will be issued unless the reason is genuine. For the duplicate LC, the parent should give in writing, an explanation regarding the loss of original certificate, along with an affidavit from a magistrate.